I'm Lauren!

WHAT I teach:

As a certified yoga therapist and meditation coach, I work mostly one-on-one using evidence-based protocols to help people heal from health concerns and improve well-being.

I’ve got a degree in Psychology, an E-YT-500 and an IAYT-1000 (International Association of Yoga Therapists).

I guide and train individuals in techniques to enhance concentration, expand awareness, and better enjoy the process of life!

I also speak at businesses and offer mindfulness training for employees, with a focus on Emotional Intelligence to enhance interpersonal (and client) relationships.

WHY I teach:

My original urge was to feel better. At a young age, I had so much pain, physically and emotionally, which propelled me into years of extensive training in meditation and the applications of various approaches to yoga therapy.

In fact, it was a mix of meditation + spinal release yoga + serious grit that helped me heal from chronic neck and shoulder pain from a ski accident. The deep wisdom of a mature practice over the years began to change my mind and behaviors for the better. What I mapped out along the path of recovery, was just how my experience of pain was linked with my emotions and stressors.

I was so determined to heal, that I kept meditating and learning for a decade, sometimes through excruciating pain and hardship.

Years later, I remember my main teacher, Kaya Mindlin said, “Meditation may (at first) seem like a poison, but then becomes a nectar.”

Sometimes I meditated just because I said I would (that still happens).

But the more I did it, the more something began to take over and I wanted it — like getting used to a strenuous exercise routine.


I’ve developed a refined system by working with myself and students in the whole spectrum — from brief moments of meditation to deep dives (like my 2 years in Asia teaching yoga and meditating in the jungles of Cambodia and Thailand, and India).

I once asked a monk on a plane in Nepal, “Does meditation get any easier?” He laughed and said no.

I’ve found that to be true myself so far, it doesn’t get any easier (sorry).

You can experience the nectar though. It becomes sweeter and more interesting each time we sit to meditate and grow in capacity.

I know from personal experience that it can be extremely fulfilling and energizing.

I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits — they have officially been confirmed in the medical world.

Quell anxiety and panic. Fight depression. Curb anger. Stop obsessive worrying. Conquer Impulsiveness. Learn to focus.

Have you tasted the benefits?

It’s a slow burn, sure (the incredible rewards to come after you’ve committed for a while) but there are immediate results.

Have you felt them?

Are you doing it right?

I believe just listening to an app doesn’t count.

I want you to feel the benefits.

To meditate properly, you’ve got to have a companion, a guide and support system at once point or another.

Not because you’re weak, but because that’s how it’s always been really taught and mastered.

Without direction you’re marinating in your mind — probably making the situation worse.


Not just you, all of us!

That’s why I’m all about techniques.

1 / Use a technique to settle your mind (I mean, don’t just sit there)

2 / Be confident with what you’re doing inside of meditation practice

3 / Actually do it

I’m here to help you with all three of those.

When I created and structured the founding content for a major mindfulness meditation app, I collected a massive library of 3-minute meditations in my channel, Mindful Moments.

I’m there for you anytime, and it’s so easy.

If you’re ready to have a real, live teacher that you can access (moi), sign up here.

WHERE I teach:

Find me on the Aura app, and inside my email community. I consider myself an online meditation companion and have a 6-week one-on-one program.

Location-wise, I’m in Marin County, California working with private clients (you could be one)!

I’ve recently teamed up with a medical doctor and I also work with her patients at a medical clinic in Sausalito.

I lead group meditations at the Brain Injury Network of Marin, and have a special place in my heart for our long-time group.

I also teach a Yoga Therapy class at Harmonia Wellness & Social Club, using the blissful approach I specialize in called Spinal Release Yoga. 

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YOU can:

Start resolving your pain 

Feel like you’re in a good mental place

Enjoy life more

Meditate regularly without the pressure and confusion

Expand your consciousness 

Without resorting to substances

Do you want:

To focus more naturally?

To feel like your thoughts and emotions aren’t taking you over?

To find the time for meditation?

I’ve got you. 

The way to mindfulness and feeling better can be SIMPLE.

If you want to figure out how to but not spend too much time (I’m patting the seat next to me right now) then this is exactly where you belong. 


Let’s do it!

Even if you’ve never meditated before.

I’ll be your companion and guide.  If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship and I look forward to learning more about you.

The best way to get started with easy, free meditation with me is to enter your name and email.




And so will your colleagues and family!


spinal release yoga

Private work is rooted in specialization in a spinal release yoga therapy approach.

Spinal Release Yoga a highly specialized unique knowledge base and skill set. It’s my preferred method for those with persistent or chronic pain, spine conditions (like disc injury, scoliosis or stenosis) as well as for anxiety, and I find it especially useful for trauma. Spinal Release Yoga has a powerful way of soothing the nervous system and stimulating a sense of security. It’s contemplative, meditative, accessible and potent.

Private sessions will lead you directly into healing with gentleness, ease and bliss.

(See other modalities below)


decompressing your spine

This is the science and art of spinal decompression without pushing, pulling, forcing or strategizing. All you do is get into the posture and wait. You don’t have to do anything, only align yourself and your props and simply lean in.

The approach reaches in to “get at” deep muscles attached to tailbone, sacrum, psoas, ribs and neck. As spinal tension is decompressed in the key areas of pelvis and rib cage, your entire body will feel more spacious, open and content.

I get to know your needs, tendencies and give you the most effective positions for you, so that it’s repeatable.

it’s Deceptively Gentle

With passive AND active postures, this system goes beyond other approaches. As a complete healing science, it propels you deep inside, inviting you to gently and directly change.

As spinal tension is massaged from the inside out, you map out and make sense of things physically, and the emotional underpinnings to problematic behaviors.

It’s not just laying on blankets. It’s not about being comfortable, though I hope you are. The deeper purpose is to steady the busy mind, in order to meditate and contemplation knowledge.

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It Feels Good

You’ll end up feeling better than you’ve ever felt, I hear that a lot!

The postures reliably lead you straight into an experience that is blissful, a natural connection to yourself.

It’s very hands-on to facilitate a reliable and deep effect of release, letting go and surrender.

It’s quiet, inner yoga … the perfect gateway to meditation.



Spinal Release yoga

Yoga Therapy

Opens the body gently and deeply. Based in formal study in classical yoga and Ayurveda. Uses body angles to release "core" tension in the muscles attached to the spine. Deeply grounding and nurturing.

For deep healing, transformation and illumination.

For pain, anxiety and insomnia. Also potent for experienced yogis and teachers desiring deep self-inquiry, knowledge and access to a trusted partner. Lineage:  Advaita Vedanta, Svaroopa, Kaya Mindlin




In-person and online

Practical applications of tools including body-based, visualization, sound, and subtle body awareness for relieving your stress, managing temperament, and increasing productivity by stopping the whirling thought spirals.

Lineage: Tantra, Advaita, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Jon Kabat Zinn Model


vini yoga

Yoga with a Purpose

Combines Western anatomy with Eastern subtle body theory.

Intelligent sequencing to produce a specific effect (mobility improvement, strength and stamina building, or an energetic effect like lifting depression). Therapeutically oriented.

Lineage: Lynn Weinberger via Gary Kraftsow via T.K.V. Desikachar 


Applied Pranayama

Breath Work

Understanding and impacting the state of mind via breathing. This is strong medicine, of the natural variety.

Therapeutically oriented to specific symptoms (i.e. focus and re-set, calm anxiety), to produce a specific effect, or to support meditation.