I'm Lauren!


As a certified yoga therapist and meditation coach, I work mostly one-on-one using evidence-based protocols to help people heal from medical conditions.

I’ve got a degree in Psychology, an E-YT-500 and an IAYT-1000 (International Association of Yoga Therapists).

I lead meditation training to help people concentrate, expand awareness, and better enjoy the process of life!


I’ve made this my life study and practice since 2006, so I can access a vast toolbox of techniques. 

My original urge was to feel better physically, while managing my emotions to bring down stress. This propelled me into years of extensive training on the practical applications of meditation and yoga therapy.

In fact, it was a mix of meditation + yoga therapy + serious grit that helped me heal from chronic neck and shoulder pain. I learned that my pain was linked to my emotions and stressors. For most of 6 years, I was living in constant survival mode.

I was so determined to feel better, that I made time to meditate everyday. Sometimes I did it out of obligation, but then I started actually enjoying it more — like getting used to a strenuous exercise routine.

Now I’ll do it many times throughout the day, and it gives me the cushion I need to feel like, “You know what? It’s okay. I got this.”


I was the first content creator for Aura, the mindfulness meditation app. When they asked for 3 minute meditations, I thought that wouldn’t be long enough. Wow, was I was wrong. Since then, tens of thousands of people have listened to my channel, Mindful Moments, and written about how much it’s helped them — from long work days, to preparing for the nursing exam, to serious family challenges and traumas.

You know why?

When it’s simple to do and it WORKS, we’ll do it.

So easy that you can meditate in less time than a House of Cards episode.


I teach on the Aura app, and online — with new and returning clients. I work in-person in Marin County, California with private clients for healing specific conditions, physical and psychological. I’m teamed up with an M.D., and I work with patients and clients at a medical clinic in Sausalito.

I lead group meditations at the Brain Injury Network of Marin. I also teach a Yoga Therapy class at Harmonia Wellness & Social Club, using the blissful approach I specialize in, Spinal Release Yoga. 

Do you want:

Better focus?

To regulate your thoughts and emotions?

To find the time for meditation as part of a routine?

I’ve got you. 

I believe the path to mindfulness and feeling better should be SIMPLE.

If you want to figure out how to but not spend too much time (I’m patting the seat next to me right now) then this is exactly where you belong. 


You can:

Start resolving your pain 

Feel like you’re in a good mental place

Enjoy life more

Meditate regularly without the pressure and confusion

Expand your consciousness 

All without resorting to substances…

Let’s do it!

I’ll be your companion and guide.  If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship and I look forward to learning more about you.

The best way to get started with easy, free meditation with me is to enter your name and email.




And so will your colleagues and family!