A Manifesto for Transcenders


I love when we women break through hesitations and lean in to each other.

And how every time we do - we discover the safety and sacredness of being seen and understood. 

I'm most interested in humanness - mine and yours - and how we find our own healing medicine.


I believe that we can just wake up one day and decide we don't want to live like this anymore.

That the ultimate service we can do is to work on ourselves.

That self-nurturing helps us deeply restore and enjoy who we are in the world.

That it's possible to live a life that's consistent with who who are and how we want to be.

That we are empowered to realize what we are really feeling and why - and we have choices.

That being real and vulnerable with ourselves is the key to flourishing emotionally.

That true internal intimacy unfolds as we become fearless.

That the wellspring of wisdom available to us is a roadmap to being more emotionally clear and stable.

That relationships become more pleasurable by transcending our own limiting patterns.

That the more we heal and love ourselves - the more we give to others.

That we can be less overwhelmed and actually at ease - and we can be a part of something bigger.

That it's the unfamiliar that causes us to wake up - and that it calls us to something more.

That powerful transformation can happen at any moment. 


I am bringing together women that yearn for more in life, whose souls are on fire for more than what reality is right now.



We are growing to appreciate our bodies as the house that we live in. We know we are more than our house, but we take care of ourselves. We are learning to be in our bodies and move without fear. We open to the pain with skill, stop pushing it away - and we are transforming. We are transforming at the root of physical pain. We are awakening to more subtleties. We are healing and transcending. 



We realize the search for meaning. We see it in people's eyes wherever we go. We encounter the world's great need for something more - and it's intense.

We know that our greatest hardships become our greatest strengths, so we find meaning in the hardships. We are piercing through to clarity and seeing the lessons that circumstances are teaching us. We connect with tenderness and remember the power in the surrender.


Mental Anguish

We are practicing thought|emotion management to really see ourselves. We are continuously growing in integrity and truth. We commit to authenticity because it is freedom. We are learning to relax deeply. We keep trying to stay open to raw presence - even when it's impossible. We are revealing our radiant hearts. 




If this speaks to you, you already took a first step. The path, though, is just that - a path.

It's time now to lean into each other's inherent compassion and to be seen and understood. To be inspired everyday to live from a deeper, soulful place.

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Lauren Ziegler is a yoga teacher completing an 800 hr advanced yoga therapy program. She is the main teacher and designer for emotional category content on Aura, #1 mindfulness meditation app for stress and anxiety. She teaches East|West yoga therapy and psychology, as well meditation through privates locally, and online globally. She also teaches groups and leads local retreat gatherings.

Lauren Zieglergrowth