Your body: a necessary attribute for healing

Back in the day, I lived in Minneapolis.

For years I remember walking past the Mayo Clinic to get to my psychology building.

But I just realized something last week, while watching a documentary on Netflix.

Did you know that super awesome nuns were involved in the creation of hospitals? They were the first nurses.

After recovering at the clinic, many patients reported their healing to be 50% due to the advanced medicine and 50% due to the nuns loving energy.

The energy of love has the capacity to heal our bodies when conditions are appropriate.
— David Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D

Sometimes we heal without much effort or attention.

Sometimes it requires conscious techniques.

But sometimes it still doesn't respond to treatment and that can go on for a long time, looking for the right solution.

What happens when the dis-ease keeps going is this:

1 / The body doesn't seem like a safe place anymore, so we detach, if you will, from our body because we'd kinda rather be somewhere else.

2 / We hyper-vigillantly focus on a part of the body (i.e. the pain point).

Either way, persistent disease often causes slow dissociation from the body and it's useful signals.

Can't blame us though. If the body is an uncomfortable place, why would we want to spent our time there?

Makes sense.

We lose interest in dealing with physicality.

Body awareness disappears alltogether at times, unless we focus on it for some reason.

Back to the nuns.

Here's what I believe to be their secret healing power:

Through their loving presence and care, they were able to guide their patients into being present and safe in their bodies.

This is what a good meditation teacher can do for you too.

By systematically tuning into your body, you get information.

Awareness (and healing) will skyrocket.

There’s an inner world of intelligent information and once you tune into it, it’s at your healing service.

Lauren ZieglerComment