Meditation commitment issues?

Been searching on YouTube for guided meditations, but feel like it's a needle in a haystack?

Have you gotten disheartened, thinking meditation isn't for you?

Questioning whether you're trying the right thing?

We have so many options.

I believe we have a commitment problem in our culture. We think there's gotta be something better out there.

Imagine you speed-walk through a museum, use the bathroom and take off to the next sight.

We treat meditation like this, appreciating that it's there, but not spending much time inside.

The truth is: once you commit to a practice or a teacher, that's the moment when your progress skyrockets.

Commitment issues can come from many directions. It can come from feeling like you don't have the right environment to practice in, or thinking you need to buy some supplies.

It can come from hearing about a new trend.

Or from feeling like you're different, and you'll need something stronger.

From not knowing if you're doing it right.

Through working with thousands of people, I've found there’s most often an assumption in the beginning that you need to do it perfectly.

And if you can’t, then you’re really not suited for meditation. It’s helpful to know that there is no perfect.

It’s not always clear if you’re doing it right. You may think you are, but then your mind wanders and you’re back to square one.

Please understand, this the process of meditation.

What this means is that every time you practice you will benefit, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

As of yet there is no technology, no treatment, no drug, or any other protocol that universally improves quality of life as much as meditation.

Do it. Commit.

And when you haven't meditated for a few days or weeks, then just re-commit.


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What is THE challenge for you right now?

Lauren ZieglerComment