Brilliant Love and the Closest Thing to a Miracle I've Experienced


Sometimes, the motherload of feelings will wash over me - and it's like every feeling all at once.

I can only attempt to describe the effect. It feels like my heart is being thrust open - actually nothing is wrong or bad, it's just a lot of feeling. If you relate to this, you know it takes a lot to be okay with your heart cracking open to withstand intensity.

It happened again last Sunday as I sat in a circle of women on a wooden planked floor of a palapa. The not so subtle wind made it's presence known as our loose hair thrashed. From the surrounding hills - a symphony of birds and horses.

We had just opened a sacred space and we were considering what "aliveness" was like in that moment. A brave one shared of breaking up with someone she loves so much. Her tears flowed from a deep spring within as she tried to hold it together. Her words were filled with strength and perspective. I felt her.

I truly felt in love with her in that moment.

In the silent space that followed, my soul seemed to approach hers with a knowing compassion. Not sympathy, no - a pure acknowledgement of the realness and rawness of letting go of love. The transformation of letting go of love...revealing Love. And the mysterious way heartbreak brings us closer to Love - though the outer form is being ripped away. I imagined my soul hugging hers.

It's that same great flame of love I have for you. Such is the love I feel for you.

If you've been hurt by love - keep reading because this is for you.

You're not alone in your suspiciousness of great Love.

There are many dangers associated with opening in vulnerability to love. Disappointing cases are everywhere. We urgently need an understanding of the possibilities of love and the alchemical change that can take place.


Alchemy of Love

Do you want more love? Are you committed to always growing? Do you want be awake and wise? 

If yes - hey! You're my kind of person! You may be relieved {as I am} to know just how much we're not alone and that it's been the journey of so many throughout all time. We're so blessed to get to learn from the illumined ones. In other words, we don't have to re-invent the wheel.

The path beyond the ordinary mind is through the path of the heart.

The Buddha said our illumination wont happen without love. That it's only through a deep feeling of respect, understanding and compassion for one another that we see the truth.

The inner experience may not be natural at first - so we use techniques. In fact, some traditions show us that focusing on our physical heart can be enough to bring us closer to experiencing divine love.

It's pretty simple actually. Mostly we remember that everyone is striving to do their best considering life's experience, and that all are worthy of our respect, compassion, understanding, and love.

These repeated feelings will begin to change us.

So in the end love springs out of wisdom: the living experience of the nature of the heart and loving become inseparable and inspire one another.
— Sogyal Rinpoche, the Tibetan book of Living and Dying

The mystics' messages through the ages has been a call to awaken the deepest levels of love within ourselves. That is where we'll find the change we're looking for.

When love is awakened within ourselves - everything changes. Our vantage point changes and we can see everything infused with love. 


Love in the World

It seems like the world has forgotten the real meaning of the word love.

Many people wouldn’t even think it necessary to analyze what love is. They recognize love as the feeling they have for their relatives, friends, and others to whom they are strongly attracted. But there’s much more to it than that.
— Paramahansa Yogananda

Love expresses itself in various ways - spousal, sibling, parental, friendship. It's expressions are distinguished by the nature of the thought through which it moves and is translated into that type of love.

Love itself is universal.

Every reflection of love comes from the same Love - a current that moves through us. It's by passing through our hearts that the quality is determined. When expressed as human love in various forms - it's altered. 

"Romantic love" can be one of the most amazing expressions of human love - when two purely love each other and there's harmony between body, mind and soul. Yet this too can be tainted and eclipse divine love.

We play a game of hide and seek in the corridors of our hearts. Seeking love outside ourselves and hiding from love within ourselves.

All the while, divine Love dances in each of our hearts.




Meditation Grows Love

We have to taste the fruit to know it's flavor. So with love.

The greatest love I've ever experienced is through meditation and I remember the first time I tasted it.

Several years ago, I was in Baja, Mexico for a yoga teacher training and our group had gone through a day of heart opening practices. Under the full moon, I left everyone to pretty much writhe on the beach and ride it out because I was feeling so much it hurt - like growing pains.

For the first time I knew that there's nothing overly emotional about me or wrong with me! I was accessing such depth of love that thousands of thrills passed through my heart. It wasn't directed at anyone - but everything! 

I'm now grateful to be capable of feeling so much.

It momentarily satisfied the longing and curiosity of what Love could be like. It stays in my memory as I give love to others. I've known since then, that it's the love between my soul and spirit that I'm really seeking. I've become more loving towards others, more giving and more abundant.

Feeling even a particle of divine Love, the joy is so great - so overpowering. The more we meditate with the burning desire for this Love - the more we feel it in our hearts. The more we know that somewhere deep down, we are wellsprings of never-ending, flowing love.


for the Single Lovers

It's nothing short of a miracle that it's possible to feel such joyous closeness and fulfillment with people we don't even know, whether in a yoga class, or another safe space.

The experience of love is available to us no matter our relationship status. We can be in love with Love alone - wisely, completely, all surrenderingly.

It's not about us and a significant other. It's not even about emotional gratification or companionship.

It's a deep caring within ourselves that's seen in the reflection of another human - it's the glow of respect and trust.

For me this is the essence of the spiritual experience.



With Love,


Lauren Ziegler is a yoga teacher completing an 800 hr advanced yoga therapy program. She is the main teacher and designer for emotional category content on Aura, #1 mindfulness meditation app for stress and anxiety. She teaches East|West yoga therapy and psychology, as well meditation through privates locally, and online globally. She also teaches groups and leads local retreat gatherings.