Stop, drop and take a chill pill

Stop. Just stop.

Now, repeat after me: The world will not end if I meditate today.

It's counterintuitive, yet worthwhile to have breaks from the stress.

You probably have something that you do to relieve stress without thinking, yeah?

When you've got so many obligations and responsibilities? When your symptoms are flaring up?

At those times when you're doing long periods of sitting? Or when you've been getting crappy sleep?

Here's the deal:

When it's impossible to meditate, that's when you need it the most.

Can you put down the world and re-set yourself? You can pick everything right back up after you practice, but you'll feel better and be more effective.

So many of us haul ourselves thorough life — there's so much to accomplish! Adrenaline (a hormone that the body releases when it's under stress) is an important part of our lives.

But when we're caught up and not taking moments to regulate the nervous system, all this adrenaline is extra juice with no use.

We're left feeling anxious, irritable, and overwhelmed.

Over the years working with people, I've seen this pattern: Wake up. Coffee. Chipmunk (shallow) breathing all day. Go-go-go.

Wind down with wine. Crash.

It's the classic version of the up/down pinballing that we do automatically.

Looking closely, you'll see that this is straight up fanning adrenaline and snowballing the experience of stress.

No wonder it's so hard for you to come back down and sleep!

Now you:

Do you want to stop letting your mind be so involved in the stress?

Do you want to take the stress down a few notches?

Do you want to stop ratcheting it up?

Do you meditate?

What tips would you add to STOP and re-set?


With Love,