Stress relief for the best of us

In a brightly lit conference room, the president of a firm stood holding a full glass of water with his arm stretched out. "How heavy is this?" He asked.

The team, expecting a half-empty/half-full kind of situation, was stumped.

The manager, her voice skeptical, finally answered, "16 oz?" The president continued to hold the glass out and then said, "What would happen after an hour of holding it?" An advisor said, "Your arm would be shaking, you wouldn't be thinking about anything else."

"And after 3 days straight, what would happen?"

"You'd be so tired and your arm might fall off," replied another.

He smiled, and put the water down on the table, "It doesn't matter if it's a glass cup or a dixie cup, if I don't ever put it down it becomes unbearable. Stress is like this."

In order to have *sustainable success* in our lives, we need to be able to put down the stress.

Since the effects of stress can be subtle and build overtime, you may not even notice that you're holding stress.

Daniel Goleman in his Harvard Business Review article proposes a way to find out.

Ask yourself:

"Do I have a vague sense of unease, restlessness, or the feeling that life isn't great (a higher standard than 'good enough')?"

If yes, you may benefit from a little meditation. Click here to get expertly guided, weekly stress relief sessions directly from me.

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