Ten Codes to Change the Programming of Your Mind

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I remember coming back from a 10-day meditation retreat.

I honestly felt that during the retreat I hadn't had a breakthrough, nothing special had happened. Then about a week later, I was sitting still in my backyard, and I heard it for the first time.

A voice clear as day.

Some part of myself was saying something {to me} and it was incredibly mean. 


Hearing this was shocking.

This voice — which I now call my inner critic — I recognize now that it was there all along, ushering my behaviors.

I found that I could immediately 'stop the program' by paying attention.

The cause of the inability to relax lies in the mind. It's tangled with conflicts and fears embedded deep in there that you're not aware of at all.

All you feel is the tension and emotional upsets that they cause to happen in your life...you experience the results.

Tension is a certainty - but the reason is an uncertainty.

There's only one way to work the program — and that’s to know the mind.

When you have a realization about yourself, it can literally stop you in your tracks — and that's when the change can begin.


The Mental Computer

Your head is the home to the most incredible computer in existence.

A biocomputer of complexity beyond your wildest dreams.

This computer works to receive, store, compare, analyze and direct all the data that it recieves from the body and it's surroundings via the sense organs. 

Your brain is a storehouse of past memories, advice given to you by your parents, teachers, friends — EVERYTHING that you've come into contact with.

You're likely responding to what's happening here and now because of the storehouse. 


At any given moment, data from internal and external environment is being sent to the brain via nerve impulses. A certain part of the brain, the limbic system, compares this incoming information with the storehouse in the memory of the cerebral cortex. 

Considering the storehouse of memories — the mind responds to the data in a fixed, programmed kind of way.

In other words, your response to life situations is determined by previous mental conditioning.

The tension doesn't build if what you encounter in life fits in perfectly and doesn't contradict with your previous experiences.

The problem is that living in the world, ALL THE TIME you get incoming data that contradicts. It doesn't fit in with the patterns of memories — and so tension is created. 

Your brain computer is so smart because it's designed to do this — you're programmed to become tense, and therefore prepared for abnormal situations. Yet most of us are so programmed that we respond to almost all our life situations as though they're a threat to survival.

We exist in a state of tension.




Reprogramming Hacks


Code 1

Try to accept other people fully. Really try not to see them as to be used for your own gratification. They too have their own mental programming, and what you see in them is only an external manifestation of their program. In this way, they're no different from you — except their experiences and programming may be a little different. Your mental programming influences you, and they have the same thing going on. 

Accept others and laugh at yourself — at your antics.


Code 3

Watch your habitual reactions to people around you and to your environment. What happens when you don't get what you want? Watch how your expectations of the external can result in so much discontentment. 

This code isn't to detach from the world. It means - carry on with your life, but watch how you react to things that trigger you. Feel what you feel and try to let it roll of with a shoulder shrug.


Code 5

Don't let yourself keep reliving what's already happened or worrying about what's to come. As much as possible, try to live each moment by giving your attention to here and now. When you do anything - sweeping the floor, eating food, earning your living — try not to think of when it will be done. Do every action for the sake of doing it and be fully there at the time you do it. 

Try to enjoy the fact that you exist and that an expression of your existence is in every action.


Code 7

Try to be open with people — express your true feelings. When we try to be what we're not or we hide our real feelings, we immediately create mental tension. You can always tell when someone's not being real. 

It's not "me against the world," it just feels like that sometimes.


Code 9

Don't avoid difficult situations. Normally, we shape our life around what's familiar, people that we like — situations that jive with our programming. Then we're living in a way that continually reinforces our individual prejudices. It's satisfying, yes. But it's the difficult situations that can show you most clearly the programming of your mind and how it works.

Once you realize you're doing this — you can use your enemies to understand yourself and your mind. 



Code 2

Try to accept yourself. Know that your actions are a result of your mental makeup. Accept your present personality — with your flaws, and your problems, and your limitations. At the same time feel the drive improve yourself.

It's the inability to accept ourselves that causes so much anguish.


Code 4

Find out what your greatest needs, attachments and desires are. Be as clear as you can. A good way to find out what those are is to track your present unhappiness back to it's source — there you'll find the emotional attitude that caused it. Look at how you react with people who you don't get along with — these people will help you recognize and resolve your hang ups. 

Try to consider everyone in this world and everything as your teacher.


Code 6

Try to remember that you are not made up only of your actions, body and mind. Your mind is a part of you {and maybe you're trying to change it} but it's only part of you. Most of us identify ourselves completely with our minds and bodies, ignoring the consciousness that lies behind everything that we do. As we re-program the mind, we begin to identify ourselves with this underlying consciousness.


Code 8

Remember that everyone has potential to attain higher levels of awareness. Mental programming causes current attitudes — but actually everyone's present mode of living is temporary. It will change as we understand our mental programming. All of us have secret potential.

Try to see the secret potential in every single person, no matter how difficult it may be. 


Code 10

Try to put yourself in people's shoes. Try to see their point of view, instead of blindly reacting in ways that you're programmed. People have all sorts of reasons for doing something that bothered you — reasons that aren't about you at all. Remember your reaction is purely automatic.

Say someone left the door open — try to give people the benefit of the doubt — so that it doesn't cause you such emotional upsets.


Apply these codes to all situations in your life with intention.  I don't think there's an app that can do that yet…


With Care,


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