Three Unexpected Ways To Stay Sane This Holiday Season


This is the time when our usual stress gets to be called holiday stress. We get to pin our crazy on the holidaze - and it's cool - we're all doing it.

Yesterday I thought of the season and how much it can bring up for each of us. I reflected on some holidays past and remembered feeling at the end, "Aw, is it really over?"

Don't get me wrong, it's a relief when life normalizes a bit after the holiday trifecta celebrated by my family - Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years.

But really, was that another holiday season gone by?

When I'm not fully present, I kind of miss it. You know what I mean? You're there, but it's like the experience floats by before your eyes and suddenly it's a distant memory.


I've seen again and again that we're not really savoring the moments when we're on autopilot - and so I want to share with you some strategies to help you!

Because the truth is this - where there's inner peace {even just a morsel of it} it's much easier hop out of auto-pilot mode and savor the moment.

And you can do that.

But first, let's get real about some of the things we're up against. Here are some likely obstacles along with some solutions that just maybe you hadn't thought much about!


1. Saying 'yes' to too many things

Listening to ourselves, being honest with ourselves, and treating ourselves well sometimes means that we say no to other people. I know it can seem selfish, but saying no is the nicest thing you can do. 

What you don’t do determines what you can do.
— Tim Ferris, author of the “Four Hour Work"

When you spill out all your energy with longer work weeks, all the holiday parties and long-term family hardships - it can feel like you just have nothing left, am I right? I can relate, and yet we squeeze more in!

If we pause and think about it though, we have nothing left and we're still trying to spend it - what's left for ourselves then? Nada. We're digging into our reserves - if there are any - and this will have an effect sooner or later. 

You don’t need a circumstantial reason to take a personal moment. 
— Lauren

Shift a few plans to leave some "me-time" somewhere and just be in the place that makes you feel mindful. If you have something in your day that you do just for you - keep it during this holiday season, even if it's as simple as having a cup of coffee by yourself.


2. Random Indulgences

Ayurveda {the science of health} teaches that sticking to meals as usual, wherever possible, promotes a feeling of outer well-being and inner peaceAs for me, if a friend cracks open that special bottle of champagne, or there's a dinner party heading late into the evening - of course I'm going with it!

Here's the important part - your body will thank you for having a baseline to come back to.

Beyond the occasional sways of yumminess, have your meals as usual {when possible} and choose to enjoy what will really nourish your soul. 

So, you can gracefully decline offers for Aunties chilli that you know will give you heartburn.


3. Overstimulation

All the motion and eventfulness is super fun AND it can leave us ungrounded and frenzied.

I'm a huge fan of coming down to earth with a meditation practice. If you don't have one, try the popular app, Aura {3-minutes on your phone wherever you are}.

Micro moments are sometimes enough to fill up the tank - and that can make all the difference.

Thousands of people on the app are saying that these moments actually add up. For others, playing a little music can be the thing.

What do you have that brings you to the present moment? Can you stick to it during the next few weeks? 

If it's not coming to mind just yet, remember - there is probably something that you're already doing - some small thing that you can highlight. 

Underscoring all three strategies is this :: As far as possible - stick to your routine. This applies to the holidays...and beyond.

So, whether it's the normal level of stress you're functioning with or it's of the holiday variety - what it's really about is your long term health.

May you feel cared for this holiday season.


With Love,




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