What's working in your life right now?

Have you ever been in a beautiful location, but all you can think about is what's wrong?

The other day, I was hiking and simultaneously dwelling on multiple work projects and the stress of working on a relationship.

My friend and I decided to stop by the water to meditate. Right away, I noticed how the wind whistled through the trees. The sun lit up the plants so they shone like emeralds. Birds flew past me, singing to each other on their way. Along the shore, the water glistened and sparkled invitingly. Beautiful.

There's a way to be more positive.

It's entirely possible for you because you're a growable, changeable human!

Neuroscience shows that what you pay attention to, can change the structure of your brain. So, if you continue to give negative thoughts attention, then of course they grow in importance.

If you stop giving them the time of day, they don't take root and grow.

It's not about faking it or telling yourself something super positive just to get through.

It's about focusing on what's already there that's positive.

Then your focus becomes like nourishment to the seed of positivity, it waters it and helps it grow.

There's a strong gravitational pull toward the negative.

And you have a choice.

Turn your focus to what's working well in your life and at work (maybe something you're doing that's kind, effective or successful).

What's one thing that's working well right now? How does it feel to recognize that thing?

Let that feeling permeate you and inspire you to choose where to put your focus.

Whenever you can remember today, do it.

ps - For extra positivity juice, turn your focus to what's working in other peoples' lives and talk with them about it! In fact, let's do that now ...


What's one thing that's working?

Lauren ZieglerComment