Welcome! This is a community group for all meditators looking for consistency, accountability and life-enhancing tools.

First, let’s start by saying I am SO happy you are here! This is a place to share insights, tips, questions, answers, and most importantly, support for one another along this journey. You are not alone! Lauren, and the others in this group are here for you!

This group is community supported, which means good karma will come your way if you jump in and help out your fellow meditator! Also, once a week Lauren will be showing up live on video inside the group for tips and tricks that will inspire you and make you want to commit to your practice.

You will often see us sharing an encouraging word, fostering smart conversations, and ensuring you keep moving forward. So to say the least, you are in good hands!

This community is to support and educate. I want to make sure it’s a safe space and preserves the quality of the group at all times, which is why I have developed these rules and enforce them on a daily basis.

With that being said, let’s dive in…


1. promo

Some promotion is allowed. 

What do I consider welcome? Programs or events that others may find of interest pertaining to a specific {and relevant} thread.

What is unwelcome? Promoting products, affiliate links and your own content in the group and not in a specific {and relevant} thread.

#SHARE = Any tips, strategies, lessons, or insights you have learned along the way. Help each other out! Offer feedback and insight whenever possible.



No posting or sharing your own videos – whether it’s from your personal profile, your FB page, your YouTube account, or your website.

You are welcome to share a video post that was made specifically for the group pertaining to group discussions.

*Exceptions are made for sharing motivational, instructional, inspirational or downright funny videos.

#WINS = Any wins you are celebrating OR any fellow members you wish to spotlight and celebrate. I LOVE to feature people within the group! Give shoutouts! Share your accomplishments! Be proud of the ways you’re growing! We all want to hear BIG and SMALL wins! Plus, who doesn’t love another reason for a virtual toast! *Cheers!*



Let's live by the big rule in this group: do no harm or the least harm possible while being compassionately truthful. Though you’re encouraged to express struggles and your real business challenges, we do not allow rants.

This one is tricky, because we will trigger each other, we will not always agree, we are here to grow, learn and evolve! So staying real, genuine and authentic is encouraged, just be sure infuse your shares with compassion and kindness as well.

{If you have a complaint about one of Lauren’s offerings, please email info@laurenziegler.com and I’ll be all ears!}



Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.

Ask questions.

Give answers.

Be the kind of supportive friend that you would want and need on your journey. Remember: We are all here to help each other … so give more than you take, please.

#HELP = Now we all get stuck in self doubt, pain and whatever other sticky spots life is handing us. Shoutout and ask for help! In this group, we're all learning how to do that better. Because the truth is, we're honored to help others when we can. So bring it!

Overall, I want this group to make a HUGE IMPACT on your meditation success. I want you to heal, grow and illuminate yourself. I want to be here to support you along the way.

Here are just a few more tips to help you get the most from this group:


Show Up Daily 

While I don’t want you to spend your whole day surfing this group {or any media}, because then you’re not building your practice out in your life, stopping by everyday can help you gain insight and knowledge that accumulative. Set a specific amount of time each day to spend in the group and then head back to being present in your life!


Set Your Calendar

Lauren will be live on video inside the group every Wednesday at 1pm PST. Although these live sessions will be recorded and accessible in the group, there’s something extra powerful when you show up live. So if possible, mark your calendar and make it a weekly habit to be there live! {Want a weekly email reminder the morning of our live sessions? Click here now.}


Sharing is Caring 

I want you to share your thoughts, ask insightful questions, and share vulnerable experiences because they are valuable to others. This journey can be long and a bit complicated for some, so the more insights and guidance the better!

I am excited to get to know you!

Now let’s connect and have some fun, shall we?

Join us over at The Meditation Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/meditationcommunity.