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Find and release your psoas...really!

  • Soluna Health 109 2nd Street Sausalito, CA, 94965 United States (map)

The psoas is a deep spinal muscle in the lower lumbar region. It extends from the lower ribs through the pelvis to the femur, holding your upper body and lower body together. It’s also known as a “hip flexor” muscle and gets chronically tight and short from the normal activities of life.

There’s a lot of buzz about the psoas in the medical world, the yoga world and the everyday world. The psoas is likely involved in low back ache, digestive issues and even anxiety.

The thing is, most approaches are missing the psoas completely. The deepest tension cannot be resolved by stretching or rolling.

In Spinal Release Yoga, we use reliable angles of your body to effectively release psoas. In this series, you’ll find your psoas and learn 4 ways to actively and passively get true release.

A truly released psoas inevitably means better mental focus and mood, and sharpened decision-making ability.

Each class includes nervous system calming breath work, spinal decompression and guided meditation.

(Mondays 7-8:30am) Sept 9, 16, 23 | (Thursdays 7-8:30am) Sept 12, 19, 26

3 Week Yoga Therapy Series
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