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One on One

Deepest Therapeutic Effect


"Lauren has a presence and style beyond words. She is honest, compassionate, empathetic, supportive, accessible, loving and positive in everything she does. She’ll let you know you’re safe, loved and valued. In her presence I WANT to open up, I WANT to understand, I WANT to grow. She offers knowledge and skills with pure love & patience in a way that you can get from the very beginning."   

- Andrew B., California


group sessions



Back Pain | Low Energy | Anxiety

Yoga Therapy Workshop


Saturday, JUly 28  @5-7

Yoga of Sausalito


This is a slow, deeply, restorative workshop for total surrender. Come as you are, and leave as if you had a massage…on the beach. 

Individualized experience in a group context with yoga therapy designed to relieve:

  back pain | pelvic pain | tension | sciatica | excessive worry | sleep issues | low or unreliable energy levels | digestive issues | overwhelm | trauma & sadness | a troubled mind | low self-confidence & decision-making ability | menstrual discomfort | symptoms of menopause | pain relief in general | high blood pressure | fatigue | depletion & burnout


What to expect: 

You’ll gain mastery of a special pose to help your condition

Your spot will be set up for you with props 

You’ll receive a hands on adjustment to cultivate depth and nurturance

Lots of silence for inward turning {savasana is a focal point}

A pranayama for healing, increasing prana, relaxing the whole body and mind, and balancing the nervous system.

Direct and blissful experience with 3-4 poses. There will be a review of those poses at the end {+ handouts} so that you can confidently and skillfully take home a sequence 


Exchange: $40

Pre-Reg includes Intake


Yoga Therapy Class


Tuesdays & Thursdays

12:15 - 1:30

Yoga of  Sausalito


This is a deep spinal release yoga therapy class class. It's restorative oriented and systematically releases tension in the pelvis, low back, rib cage and neck. It's a subtle approach that soothes the nervous system and quiets the mind.


"In the past, I was in lots of pain that I’d try to push through it anyway just to get everything done. Since learning from Lauren, I have my meditation practice as a space for me to heal, so instead of pushing through the pain, I’ll stop and practice. It helps me focus better and stay more relaxed. Overall, it has healed the pain that I was having".  I've also been able to completely wean off anti-anxiety medication, which was my goal. Surprisingly, I don't feel extra anxious!"       

- Stacie L, Turlock, CA


"Lauren has a beautiful, calming aura about her that instantly makes you feel calm and grounded. She has dedicated her life to the studies of the healing arts - psychology, ancient eastern philosophy, yoga therapy, and meditation, and her dedication and passion show through her work. I highly recommend Lauren if you are experiencing chronic pain {physical or emotional} as she is definitely a gifted healer and one you don't want to miss out on!  

- Elaine O., San Fransisco, CA







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