The Art of Presence. 



I'm Lauren.

              A meditation and therapeutic yoga teacher dedicated to helping you use your struggles as fuel to transform. I'm all about supporting you with meditation and yoga to live with more emotional clarity and stability - so that you better enjoy yourself and your relationships. 



My work is devoted to sharing tools and resources

that will help you to relieve stress, truly relax, heal and recover your most true self. 


get inspired. 



get together.


We can hop on the phone and chat if you're interested in putting meditation/yoga therapy into your self-care toolkit.


Teaching Styles


Spinal Release yoga

Yoga Therapy

Opens the body gently and deeply. Based in formal study in classical yoga, vedanta philosophy and Ayurveda {Vedic medicine}. Uses angles to release "core" tension in the muscles attached to the spine. Effortless surrender & stillness. Lineage: Svaroopa, Kaya Mindlin




The medicine of connection to spirit.

There's no better way to attune to who you are when all the stuff falls away, than sitting with yourself day after day. Stress & emotion management. Lineage: Tantra



Purposeful Breathing

Benefits physically, psychologically and more. Understanding of the states of mind through the application of the life giving breathe. Appropriate medicine for all ailments. Application must be personalized.


Gentle YOGA

Intelligent & Therapeutic

The remedy for anyone recovering from illness, injury or a stressful day. Cultivate more awareness, connect with tenderness, awaken to the flow of subtle energy, and reveal your strength. Lineage: Iyengar


vini yoga

Pain Management 

Practices adapted for treating pain - neck and shoulders, low back, anxiety and many more conditions. Therapeutically oriented, intelligently carried out, and effective in helping to improve mobility and pain management. Lineage: Gary Kraftsow|Lynn Weinberger.




Combines Western anatomy with Eastern subtle body theory. Focus on structural alignment to promote well being and integration. Smooth transitions between the poses and intelligent sequencing for specific effect. 




Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so immeasurable and sacred, that it cannot be spoken of - yet I am speaking of it now - not to give you something to believe in but to show you how you can know it for yourself.
— Eckhart tolle