guided MEDITATION & yoga therapy

with Lauren Ziegler

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I'm Lauren,

I’m a certified yoga therapist and meditation coach.

I work one-on-one using evidence-based protocols to help people heal from medical conditions...

Teaching and speaking about mindfulness and meditation is what I love!

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Spinal Release yoga

Restorative Type Yoga Therapy

Opens the body gently and deeply. Based in formal study in classical yoga and Ayurveda {Vedic medicine}. Uses angles to release "core" tension in the muscles attached to the spine. Deeply grounding and nurturing.

For deep healing, transformation and illumination.

For pain, anxiety and insomnia. Also potent for experienced yogis and teachers desiring deeper self-inquiry. Lineage:  Advaita Vedanta, Svaroopa, Kaya Mindlin




In-person and online

Practical applications of tools including body-based, visualization, sound, and subtle body awareness for relieving your stress, managing your temperament, and increasing productivity by stopping the whirling though spirals.

 Lineage: Tantra, Advaita, Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Jon Kabat Zinn Model


vini yoga

Yoga with a Purpose

Combines Western anatomy with Eastern subtle body theory.

In active group classes, I’ll use intelligent sequencing for a specific effect including: energetic, mobility improvement, strength|stamina building. Therapeutically oriented.

Lineage: Lynn Weinberger via Gary Kraftsow via T.K.V. Desikachar 


Applied Pranayama

Breath Work

Understanding and impacting the state of mind via breathing. This is strong medicine, of the natural variety.

Therapeutically oriented for specific use (i.e. focus and re-set, calm anxiety)




Commit to feeling better.
Live for stability & embrace change.
Be present in the face of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
— lauren