Hey there,

Lauren here.

As a certified yoga therapist and meditation coach, I help busy people reap the benefits of meditation.

I’ll give you the ‘know-how’ to relief stress, improve focus and enjoy more sustainable success.

I teach how yogic tools and skills can be used to support you and your goals (from getting better sleep to expanding awareness).

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I have a degree in Psychology, and I’m a certified IAYT.(International Association of Yoga Therapists)

I’m teamed up with an M.D. at Soluna Health, an integrative clinic in Sausalito. I see patients under health insurance, offer private sessions, and 3-week group series.

I lead group meditation class at the Brain Injury Network of Marin and I have one drop-in yoga therapy class at Harmonia Wellness + Social Club.

I also work with experienced yogis seeking a trusted and qualified partner in the journey of transformation and illumination.

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We’re so often controlled by what our minds are doing — either in reactive mode or on auto-pilot.

Unless we actually know how to get out in front of that, it’s a constant source of struggle or dissatisfaction.

Steadying the mind is possible. Becoming a master at working with your mind, body + is possible through the process of meditation.

Following time-honored wisdom and scientifically proven methods, I teach a systematic way to take your stressed + worried mind to a STILL mind.

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When the mind is in a state of meditation, it is like a deep mountain lake, clear still and calm.

We see a reflection of an endlessly peaceful and deep part of ourselves.

At other times we’re tossed around by the ripples and currents of thoughts, clouding the view of ourselves.

To be in skillful stillness (while being busy) holds a value and bliss that’s beyond words.


You’re interested in meditation, why? Something has sparked the urge for you, what is it?

Enough dissatisfaction …

Barely escaping an accident …

Pain or illness …

It means that you’re ready to change something your life.

Maybe you want to improve your health …

Or be in touch with what matters most …

Or enjoy more success with less stress?

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I’m here to help you.

When I created and structured the founding content for a major mindfulness meditation app, I was publishing massive amounts of 3-minute meditations in my channel, Mindful Moments.

Over a hundred thousand subscribers and in less than 2 years proved to me that these BRIEF practices bring PROFOUND results.

So, I’m putting together something very special that *hint will be available in the Fall of 2019.

Meanwhile, you’re ready to have a real life teacher that you can access (moi). Sign-up for my weekly emails with free lessons + micro meditations.

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Focus more naturally?

Be control, without your thoughts and distractions taking over?

Meditate regularly without the pressure and confusion?

Have reliable stress + sleep management tools?


Feel like you’re in a good mental place and get more done.

Be more present at work and in your relationships.

Expand consciousness.

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If you want to meditate without the confusion and overwhelm, without taking your priorities away from work + and without taking too much time … (I’m patting the seat cushion next to me) you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be your companion and guide. If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship and I look forward to learning more about you.


(your colleagues + family will be glad you did too)

My Approach to yoga

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Spinal Release Yoga is a highly specialized, unique knowledge base and skill set. It is slow and deliberate, and it goes much deeper than other restorative or meditative approaches.

The postures release tension in the muscles attached to the spine — especially the uber-tight and stressed out pelvic and rib cage muscles.

The result is internal space, a sense of well-being, and a resolving of problematic mental and emotional patterns.

SRY is a replenishing, nurturing, blissful, healing, and transformative approach that prepares the mind effortlessly for meditation.



With passive AND active postures, is is a complete system primarily focused on spinal decompression, muscle pliability, and release + strengthening of key muscles (…these techniques actually “get at” deep muscles attached to tailbone, sacrum, psoas, ribs and neck in a way that maybe they haven’t been before).

As tension is released in key areas, your entire body feels more spacious, open and content.


As a complete healing science, it propels you deep inside, inviting you to gently and directly change. Whether it’s stress management you need, a whole self-growth overhaul, or to resolve back pain…

It builds body awareness and more subtle body awareness naturally and effortlessly.

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You’ll end up feeling better than you’ve ever felt. I can confidently say this because this approach to yoga and the guided rest I teach, reliably leads you straight into a natural connection with yourself, an experience which is blissful.

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Opens the body gently and deeply. Based in formal study in classical yoga and Ayurveda. Uses body angles to release "core" tension in the muscles attached to the spine. Deeply grounding and nurturing.

For deep healing, transformation and illumination.

For pain, anxiety and insomnia. Also potent for experienced yogis and teachers desiring deep self-inquiry, knowledge and access to a trusted partner. Lineage:  Advaita Vedanta, Supreme Release Yoga via Kaya Mindlin




Practical applications of tools including body-based, visualization, sound, and subtle body awareness for relieving your stress, managing temperament, and increasing productivity by stopping the whirling thought spirals.

Lineage: Tantra, Advaita, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Jon Kabat Zinn Model



Ancient yoga nidra practices, which help to resolve issues such as:

Lack of deep rest and quality sleep as well as the mental and emotional challenges that stand in the way, stress, anxiety and the overall nervous system challenges that we face in the digital age.



Practical applications of yogic pranayama. This is strong medicine, of the natural variety. Oriented to address specific symptoms (like to get focused or to calm anxiety).


Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis Radio Show

The igniting Danna welcomed me as a guest in her special series aimed to share changemakers’ stories. It’s about how I embraced my “body as my home” + also made it into business and platform for thousands of people to take care of themselves better. Click here to listen.

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