I'm Lauren!


I’m a meditation teacher and certified yoga therapist all about helping you heal.

From pain. From A worried mind. From life.

It's my deepest pleasure to hold space for others to truly heal from things that have been keeping them down. 

I'm a Midwesterner ... turned world traveler ... turned up in the Bay Area teaching meditation at corporations and hustling all over San Francisco studios teaching yoga classes. After several years I was simultaneously burning out and coming to crescendo of my chronic pain experience.

By grace, I was also immersed in studies at the Stress Management Center of Marin. There I found Spinal Release Yoga ... the approach that completely changed things for me. {Hint: gentle, nurturing, blissful}.

Overtime my pain had resolved, and so too were many of the emotional and mental patterns that had kept me "angsting" all the time. 

After 2.5 years of advanced training, I became a certified yoga therapist. 

I have solid faith and an everlasting commitment to lifelong studies.


My personal practice is a continual ground for practicing presence and learning how to be a good friend to myself.

I've always had very close to me a profound empathy for the pain of a human being.

Plus I've had grit ... I've allowed myself to crack open to the rawness of pain and fear ...

I've gotten to know it well.

And I've discovered it to be a catalyst for powerful transformation.

Emotions are a bridge that connects us to something deeper within, and part of my life is dedicated to touching that place with students and turning that into medicine.

I'll share with you the most valuable, most resonant and relevant pieces. 

I feel you. 

Together we help you settle into a more easy experience of yourself  the kind of peace you’ve been looking for.

This is an invitation for your to honor the parts of your life that have been a struggle.

And for you to really have a trusted companion in your healing.

If you've read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. And, I'd love to learn more about you.

The best way to hear from me and be connected is to just enter your name and email. 

In Support,